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Settlement is not possible. At least, not yet. Mediation has failed. The parties are at impasse. Emotions are high. Control is now in the hands of a judge and jury. Trials happen . . . Is your lawyer ready? Are you?


Trial is over. You may have won. You may have lost. Settlement is not possible – Enforcement of the decision of the judge or jury is on hold, at least for now. Does this ever end? An appeal? How long will that take? What can you expect or anticipate?Appeals happen too . . . Is your lawyer up to the task?


Often in the trial process a fresh view of the facts and the law can prove to be the route to resolution of what seemed impossible to resolve. Retired judges often fill the role of the mediator. Sometimes a retired judge is not the right answer – when complex disputes exist and creative solutions are necessary an experienced trial and appellate lawyer may be your answer.


Trials, Appeals and Mediation all happen . . . So does life away from the day-to-day practice of law. We have a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on our community – whether it be volunteerism, education, leadership, sponsorship or just plain being a good neighbor. Life happens . . . and that’s good.
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