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Appeals and appellate practice are fundamentally different from trials. Some trial lawyers are skilled appellate advocates, some are not. Some skilled appellate advocates would not even consider entering a courtroom. If you find yourself in need of an appellate advocate look for someone who can quickly grasp the issues presented and frame them in a way that will receive attention from the appellate court. Ask your lawyer, how many appeals have you handled? During what period of time? How many have been in federal court and how many in state court? How many oral arguments have you presented? How many times have you appeared before the Wisconsin Supreme Court? You may be surprised. Lawyers enjoy the challenge of appellate practice – sometimes to vindicate their own trial work. Pick a lawyer skilled in appellate advocacy, even if that means hiring a new lawyer to handle an appeal. The cost will not be significantly different. The new set of eyes on the project may be invaluable.


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(American’s With Disabilities Act claim regarding public school accommodation of Type-I Diabetic Child)


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