The Rainbow Bridge spanning the Niagra River from the American Falls to the Canadian Falls – a place, where when the sun is out, you can see rainbows formed in the mist created by the chaos of waters colliding in Niagra Falls.I view my job, whether functioning as a trial lawyer, or when serving as a mediator, to be a job that helps clients search for rainbows amid the chaos of legal problems. Most clients do not choose to be in legal chaos. Indeed, many come looking for a way to avoid or chart a steady course through what could become chaotic.Parties to a dispute so often are so caught up in the middle of the chaos of a trial or appeal that they cannot see a way out. Positions become entrenched. The sun is hidden behind clouds of uncertainty. No rainbows in sight – at least it seems that way.Sometimes I function in a role that seeks to identify a path through the clouds of uncertainty. The path could lead to a trial. Trials rarely result in rainbows. The path could lead to a settlement. Settlements are sometimes actually rainbows. Even though they are rarely seen that way.

Through the nearly thirty-three years I have worked with clients to help them solve problems, I appreciate the many other resources that exist in our community to help to solve problems. Sometimes through education. Sometimes through volunteerism. Sometimes through philanthropy.

Rainbows out of chaos – every one.

This year we, as a firm, have decided to share from our financial blessing, with two organizations that touch the hearts of those in need – leaving a rainbow behind.

The two organizations deal with very different issues: The K.I.N.D. Fund; and

The K.I.N.D. Fund was established by Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC and UNICEF. Seventy percent of students in Malawi have no desk or chair in school. They sit on the ground. Only 7% of girls finish high school because of the cost involved – families in Malawi have to pay for the children to attend high school. The cost of a desk for two to three children to use – $55. The desks are made locally so that local jobs are created. The cost of one year of high school including room, board, transportation, books and uniforms – $177. The program has delivered desks to more than 221,000 children in Malawi. If you’d like to join us in supporting the K.I.N.D. Fund, you can make a donation at Ninety percent of every donation goes to desks and scholarships. addresses one of the most pressing issues in our society today – mental illness. The organization does this through collecting true stories from people whose lives have been impacted by mental health issues. The stories are then transformed into monologues and plays brought to life on stage before live audiences. Every performance is followed by a moderated, interactive dialogue with the audience to explore the play’s themes, and when appropriate, identify mental illness signs, symptoms, recovery options and community resources. The plays are performed in Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities, in places of work, Hospitals, and to the general public. If you’d like to join us in supporting, you can make a donation at

As this year ends and we spend time with our families in celebration, let’s help other families find rainbows amid chaos.