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Our offices are located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic District on the River. We blend old world commitment to service with modern technologies to give back to the community that is our home. Out of our office windows we can see Mader’s Restaurant and Usinger’s. Look a little further and we can see the Riverwalk, Pierre Marquette Park, and The Journal-Sentinel building. Gaze higher and we see the modern structures that define the Milwaukee skyline.

None of these sights, which are so familiar to Milwaukeeans would have been possible without the vision of their founders to create something lasting and a commitment to the City which each called home. We strive to follow in their footsteps — knowing that we can never fill their shoes — but at the same time knowing that we cannot continue in their commitment to the City and its people without balancing our work with community service.


    We are committed to serving the public interest through pro bono work. Pro bono work has been at the core of many lawyer’s commitment to serve the needs of their community by representing those who otherwise would not have access to legal representation.
    We are committed to a reduction in violence in our community. To that end, we have represented, on a pro bono basis, survivors of domestic violence in cases involving victim assistance, restraining orders, and family law matters. We have also represented children who have been the victim of theft of their inheritance by their parents and survivors of intimate partner sexual violence in cases brought to recover monies stolen and to advocate for the victims of sexual violence so that the legal system does not become another expression of that violence.
    We are also committed to representing clients in unpopular cases where we believe that the client’s rights simply demand vindication. So, yes, we did appeal a misdemeanor conviction where the penalty was a fine of one dollar because the case was not about a one dollar fine but rather about a conviction that was simply wrong.
    We have also been committed to seeking access to educational opportunities for those with disabilities including suits on behalf of standardized test takers who suffered from ADHD and full access to safe school settings for children with diabetes.


Volunteering in activities that work to improve the quality of life in our community is an important part of truly being community. So that’s just what we do. From community festivals, to symphony performances, to international film festivals, volunteering to support arts in our community is part of the way that we give back. We have also volunteered to support our community through work with domestic violence survivors, and protecting the rights of all members of our community to vote.


    We believe in putting our money where our hearts are.

    That’s why Treblaw, LLC is proud to have the opportunity to be one of the sponsors of BAILA Milwaukee in 2017 and 2016. BAILA Milwaukee celebrates the artistry of dance –specifically Latin dance. World Champions, Salsa Legends, and talented students and teachers share their hard work and passion with the Milwaukee community.

    Performing Arts are an important cultural component of our community.

    Everything About Dance, everythingaboutdance.com, is a creative and growing opportunity for the entire community to learn the joy and passion of dance. Whether you want to learn to dance in social settings, enjoy the challenge of competitive dance, or simply enjoy the beauty of dancers sharing their performances with an audience.


We take responsibility for leadership roles in when those opportunities present themselves. To that end, Chris has served on the Board of Directors of The Milwaukee Forum, including one year as its president. He has also served on the Board of the Volunteer Missionary Movement, Inc. and the Wisconsin Advisory Board for the American Diabetes Association. Chris has served as field counsel for political campaigns and has also served as a voter protection attorney.
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